Scheels Credit Card

If you are looking for the way to apply for the Scheels Credit Card or to login to access your Scheels Credit Card we have some things to tell you here. First of all, we will not waste time in telling you that the Scheels Credit Card doesn't exist anymore. They were once under the First Bankcard system and the First Bankcard system no longer allows for applications for credit cards on their site. The First Bankcard system was also absorb into the First National Bank which is where you will find the currently available credit card options you can apply for. This is how we come to the realization that there are no ways to apply for the Scheels Credit Card anymore. Therefore, we will make sure to let you know about the best option we have seen from First National that you can apply for as an alternative to your Scheels Credit Card. If you don't prefer our option that is totally fine. There are other options available to you there on the website as well.

First National of Omaha has two really great options for cards right now that are catered through American Express. We will discuss them here for your benefit so that you can know of the two options. The one that we think is the best option at his time to replace your Scheels Credit Card is the First National Credit Card-Graphite American Express. When you need a card that will be excellent over the long run, check out the First National Credit Card-Graphite American Express. The First National Credit Card-Graphite American Express gives you no annual fees at least for the first year which is something most people like about this card. After that first year, the fee becomes $99 which is a little pricey for most but if you love the rewards and benefits of the card then it will be well worth it to you like it is to others as well. You are able to redeem a nice cash back bonus as well no matter which one of their Amex options you may choose to apply for. If you choose the First National Credit Card-Maximum Rewards Platinum Visa there is$50 cash back given when your purchases with your card are at least $500 during the first six months you have the card. If you choose the First National Credit Card-Graphite American Express there is $100 cash given when you have made purchases of $1,000 or more while using their card for the first six months.


Both of the card options from Amex are giving an additional 2% cash return on purchases of gasoline as well as purchases from grocery stores each month with your card. All other purchases with your card will gain 1% cash return. The way that they allow for you to redeem your cash is by direct deposit or check but that would be in $25 increments only. In order for the bank to know where you want your money to go you will need to make sure to contact them and let them know that information.

One of the only complaints that you might find online is that their rebate points do expire after three years. This does usually give enough time for most people to have saved up a substantial amount of points and have used them within that time any though. If you want the most for the least amount of time out of your card then you should perhaps look more into the First National Credit Card-Graphite American Express. The First National Credit Card-Graphite American Express is also a good option for rewards as well otherwise so you could check out that one as well.